Palawan Blade

Making the Cut

Timothy and I are working hard to ensure the success of the TrailBlade Machete launch, but to be perfectly honest, this is a steep learning curve. We have the advantage of having a great design that is already jungle proven, but our vision and determination to make a great design into a truly exceptional work-horse has taken the cost beyond the familiar $50 to $100 range for machetes at your local sporting goods retailer. Naturally, this limits our supporters to those who can afford a premium blade, but how to reach them? This is our learning curve: getting the word out. With 26 days before our launch, we’re plenty busy pulling together our Kickstarter campaign, finalizing production costs, and now actively engaging with you, our very small, but growing community of supporters.

Less than a week in, and already it feels like a roller coaster. On one side is the engineer in me that wishes there was an equation for reaching our market, but on the other side is the extroverted adventurer, who thinks this is the coolest part of the whole thing — I just wish it was all I had to do.

And then there’s the social networking aspect, which is where I lean on Timothy. I’ve probably already driven him nuts with all my questions and ideas, but he’s been pretty patient. Thanks, Bro! We’re having fun making videos that we hope you’ll enjoy too. We’re also working to get more informational material together to really explain why the TrailBlade Machete is awesome. My son is dying to take a TrailBlade Machete into the woods together to forge a trail, build a fort, or catch a fish. We hope all these things will be educational and fun for everyone.

Want to help us out? We’d love it! We’ve already had several supporters reach back to us with suggestions and ideas. Those are great! Keep ’em coming. We will take every idea and suggestion seriously, and we will respond personally. Your engagement is a great encouragement and a tangible support. Please encourage your friends and acquaintances to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel in order to receive updates and videos (links listed below).

Coming soon:

  • We are working with a talented designer to create a mark for our blades that reflects the spirit of Palawan Blade. We’re really excited about the concept and look forward to introducing it.
  • More fun chopping videos, including Timothy playing live-action fruit ninja, and me, tasting my first Coke and Pepsi.
  • And much more…

Stay tuned, and help us get the word out!


P.S. Fortunately we still find a moment here and there for fun. I had great time taking Timothy flying last Saturday afternoon in my 1942 Taylorcraft.