Palawan Blade

What's with the shape of the handle?

It’s entirely focused on comfort and efficiency. This blade moves with you, relieving you from the “death grip” demanded by other designs, so you can wield it longer. This jungle proven design decreases fatigue and increases efficiency. With this technique perfected, you can chop for hours.

What about the shape of the blade?

It’s entirely focused on comfort and efficiency, too! By moving the chopping heft to the end of the blade, and straightening out the cutting edge all the way to the tip, we get an effective tool for both heavy chopping and brush clearing. It’s also incredibly well balanced and gentle on the hand, making it a joy to use while making each swing count.

How does this blade compare to other blades?

You won’t find a more universal and effective outdoor blade than the TrailBlade. Most large blades draw their history from weapons or highly specialized tools, but when you enter the outdoors, you want a tool that’s refined for all the needs you will encounter. Based on our iconic TrailBlade, the Bekuku was made for work. The rich history of the original Palawano blade inspired us to bring it here. Our friends in Palawan use this style of blade  every single day for almost every aspect of their daily living. Through that constant use and design evolution, their design found optimal refinement, making better blades than many other high-end blades currently on the market.

Prevents flying out of your hand

Less fatigue with constant use

Entirely focused on comfort

Refined through actual use

More efficient use of energy